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Pedagogy is the art and science of teaching. It is the method required by standard for teachers to impact beneficial knowledge on their students. A good teacher must be able to establish an acceptable relationship with his/her students thereby creating a suitable learning environment for both the teacher and the students respectively by setting an achievable task. During and after colonization of Nigeria by the British, most of the regions in the country embraced the mode of education they came with. The love for the way of life and education of the British is so great that they are willing to sacrifice the two things they hold dear for it; Culture and Religion. As time passes by, generation after generation started to develop inferiority complexes and see themselves, their culture, and religion as nothing but ideas that are backward and stone age! The negative effects pushed some Muslims to begin the establishment of Muslim schools. A move intended to stop the disinterest shown by younger Muslims whom after going through the primary and secondary schools established by the colonizers that are mainly missionary Christian schools, become weak practicing Muslims who attack the teachings of Islam and see it as a medieval age idea, or worst become Christians since that is what gave them what they believed to be a modern day civil way of doing things.


Despite the efforts of those Muslims by the establishment of Muslim schools, students still graduate to move into higher institutions with almost the same negative results if they were to be left in conventional schools. Why is this so and what might be the reason(s)? The truth is that these kids just had a change of environment. They left an environment mixed with Muslims and non-Muslims for Muslim only schools. Apart from this, they still continued to learn using the methods that affected their spiritual and moral lives. The methodology of teaching, the syllabus containing many information that challenges the laws of Allah, time consuming activities that leaves no time for these kids to learn about their religion, incapable teachers employed who totally lack the skills required to impact beneficial knowledge into their students, among many more reasons was still very much present in these Muslim schools!


A teacher is to be a coach, mentor, and guardian of his/her students helping them to achieve success. An act possible only by working together with these students in achieving positive results. For a teacher to achieve this, he/she must know what pedagogy is. If he/she is to be a teacher by seeing teaching as an occupation, work, or profession that earns him/her a living only, then the zeal to impact positive, Islamic-oriented knowledge to students will be a mirage!


Islamizing Western education is an achievable task and some Muslims all over the world are doing it. Syllabuses that are not within the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah are now being taught in a way that reflects the teachings from these two MAIN sources Muslims get their guidance from. Most of the Muslim teachers working in the western part of Nigeria teaching in primary and secondary schools are ignorant of this. This school will apply suitable, Islamic pedagogy methods that will benefit teachers and students alike putting in mind the cultural way of life of those who come from different regions. A method if applied, will produce not only educated young Muslims, but righteous and knowledgeable ones too who will continue to spread the good message of the one true religion of Allah.


Another important point that is a major issue is how students are punished by teachers especially in the third world countries. The west sees child abuse as an act that Muslims encourage. In Nigeria, the cultural orientation of the tribes from different parts of the country also see beating as the best and only method to correct a child. The Islamic view on beating a student, especially if he/she is not your child is clear. The duty lies with the Father, while Muslim educators use the method of establishing rewards and consequences.


Lastly it is important to know the causes of probable student misbehavior. This can be due to nutrition, home environment, poverty, need for attention, boredom or loss of interest, low self-esteem etc.  Daarul Imaam Al-Layth International schools will identify and address all that is necessary to make a student successful in his or her studies in sha Allah.